Robot Week!!!


This week was, again, inspired by my daughters OBSESSION with Curious George.  We watched an episode where George builds a robot costume and they talk about all the cool things some robots can do.  Zachary thought this was awesome! So we started to explore robots.  Got books, did some worksheets, and LOTS of fun crafts.  (My […]

Dr Seuss Week!!!


This is the last week of “Finish up Zachary’s 1st Grade Curriculum!”  We did all reading this week (the bane of Zachary’s existence apparently). But, since I’m all about making learning fun, we did all sorts of awesome Dr. Seuss stuff.  (We threw in some Eastman too)  I was all sorts of happy because it […]

Teach Your Kids about the SUN!


The whole Sun week started when we got out to the car after gymnastics and the car was HOT!  I had forgotten to roll down the windows and everything was burning.  I had to let it air out for a few minutes before I’d even strap the kids in.  So Zachary started asking HOW it […]

Dinosaur Week…. Month? (bad post, but GOOD freebie worksheet PDF)


About once a year, my son becomes completely obsessed with Dinosaurs.  With the Jurassic World Movie coming out, and his uncle watching all the Jurassic Park movies to get ready for it, it was inevitable that we would be obsessing over dinosaurs for a while. I just have ONE issue with this.  EVERYTHING ABOUT DINOSAURS […]

Teach Your Kids about Otters


A few weeks ago my son wanted to learn about otters.  So we did…. unfortunately then I got sick, and life happened so I haven’t had time to write about it….. blargh.  So, this is a bit late, but since no one is really reading my blog yet, I guess that doesn’t matter too much. […]

Teaching Your Kids about Cheetahs


This week, my little boy decided he wanted to study CHEETAHS!  This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve read any of the rest of my blog.  Zachary loves animals.  If they’re a predator, he likes them even more, and if they’re FAST, they quickly become something of an obsession. So I started looking up […]

10 Books to Introduce Your Kids to Art


We did a slow-down week this week.  Our schedule was messed up by memorial day and Zachary caught a cold from somewhere so we needed something that wasn’t too intense. THANKFULLY it was INTRODUCTION TO CLASSIC ART week!  It probably would have been more fun with a NON-Sick kid, but it was still pretty awesome anyway, […]

How to Teach Your Kids about Geckos

Zachary and the Lizard

This week we studied geckos.  And went to the zoo and had some major playdates so there wasn’t as much FORMAL schooling. INSTEAD we had a TON of fun and read some awesome books and learned a lot about geckos without worrying about the Math and Writing bits so much.    Gecko Math Worksheets We […]

How to Teach Your Kids about FIRE!!!


The other day Zachary was cooking with me and I left him to stir the sauce while I took Zoriah to the bathroom for the zillionth time. (lots of Z’s in that sentence… cool)  When she finished I went back to check on my son and the sauce.  What I found was not a little boy […]

How to Teach Your Kids about Wolves


This week was all about Wolves!  We had a lot of fun studying these wild dogs (we even threw in a bit about dingoes and coyotes) and howled quite a bit just for the heck of it! Wolf Money Math This was a fun activity I made for Zachary to practice his money awareness.  He […]