Teach Your Kids about Otters


A few weeks ago my son wanted to learn about otters.  So we did…. unfortunately then I got sick, and life happened so I haven’t had time to write about it….. blargh.  So, this is a bit late, but since no one is really reading my blog yet, I guess that doesn’t matter too much. […]

Teaching Your Kids about Cheetahs


This week, my little boy decided he wanted to study CHEETAHS!  This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve read any of the rest of my blog.  Zachary loves animals.  If they’re a predator, he likes them even more, and if they’re FAST, they quickly become something of an obsession. So I started looking up […]

10 Books to Introduce Your Kids to Art


We did a slow-down week this week.  Our schedule was messed up by memorial day and Zachary caught a cold from somewhere so we needed something that wasn’t too intense. THANKFULLY it was INTRODUCTION TO CLASSIC ART week!  It probably would have been more fun with a NON-Sick kid, but it was still pretty awesome anyway, […]

How to Teach Your Kids about Geckos

Zachary and the Lizard

This week we studied geckos.  And went to the zoo and had some major playdates so there wasn’t as much FORMAL schooling. INSTEAD we had a TON of fun and read some awesome books and learned a lot about geckos without worrying about the Math and Writing bits so much.    Gecko Math Worksheets We […]

How to Teach Your Kids about FIRE!!!


The other day Zachary was cooking with me and I left him to stir the sauce while I took Zoriah to the bathroom for the zillionth time. (lots of Z’s in that sentence… cool)  When she finished I went back to check on my son and the sauce.  What I found was not a little boy […]

How to Teach Your Kids about Wolves


This week was all about Wolves!  We had a lot of fun studying these wild dogs (we even threw in a bit about dingoes and coyotes) and howled quite a bit just for the heck of it! Wolf Money Math This was a fun activity I made for Zachary to practice his money awareness.  He […]

Zoriah’s Books from April 2015


This has been dubbed the Month of “BAMBI!” In March I introduced my little girl to my favorite movie growing up.  My mother in law let me borrow it because she has a ton of old disney movies and I figured the kids would like it because its filled with animals.  Little did I know […]

HomeSchool Routine


I know that there are several ways to go about scheduling your day, teaching your kids, running your classroom, and creating or buying your curriculum.  I’m NOT trying to say that my way is the RIGHT way to do it.  I’m just saying what works well for us right now.  This is what we do. […]

How to Teach Your Kids about Octopi


You might notice soon that most of our themes are animals… I have a little boy who LOVES everything to do with animals.  We’ve done non-animal things, but they are few and far between.  There was a 4 month period where we only did birds of prey.  This week we did Octopi!  The one pictured […]

My Theory on “The Man Cold”

Man Cold

If you ladies have ever noticed, a man’s cold always seems to be WAY worse than a woman’s cold. I’ve just experienced this over the last week. Now, the internet seems to chalk this up to “men are just being wussies” or “women know how to suck it up and go abou t the business […]